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Rounders Traditionel Set

Rounders Set

Product Name: Rounders Set

Article Number: 46


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rn Traditional wooden rounders set, can be enjoyed by adults and children rn alike.rn

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rn This Rounders set includes:

4 x Wooden Stumps 60cm x 2.5cm diameter / 1x Soft Round Wooden Bat / 1 rn x Baseball Ball  / 1 x Carry Bag.


Rounders is the original traditional bat, ball and bases game!


Our standard Rounders set comes with everything necessary to rnplay this classic English game; A wooden Rounders bat, A rounders Ball, 4rn wooden Rounders Posts as well as two mats to mark the positions of the rnbowler and current batter.

We also offer a Club Rounders Set & We also offer a set of Club Rounders Bases and Postsrn rn rnrn rn rn